A car rental company's standard charge includes an initial fee plus an additional fee for each mile driven. The standard charge S (in dollars) is given by the function =S+18.950.40M , where M is the number of miles driven. The company also offers an option to insure the car against damage. The insurance charge I (in dollars) is given by the function =I+5.700.25M . Let C be the total charge (in dollars) for a rental that includes insurance. Write an equation relating C to M . Simplify your answer as much as possible.

Accepted Solution

So the total cost (C) would be equal to the standard charge (S) plus the insurance charge (I). You would plug in the numbers for each into an equation C= S + I.

Unfortunately, I do not understand the numbers given in the equation. There should be a variable for m (the number of miles driven). Although there is an m in the question, the numbers in front of it for the standard charge or insurance do not make sense to me. =I+5.700.25M and

If I was 5.7 + 25m and S was 18.95 + 40m, the equation would look like:
C= S + I
C= 18.95 + 40m + 5.7 + 25m
C= 65m + 24.95

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