An animal shelter has a ratio of cats to dogs that is 9:7.Part AIf the shelter only houses dogs and cats, what is the ratio of dogs to total animals? A. 79 B. 72 C. 716 D. 916Part BA second shelter has a ratio of cats to dogs of 6 to 5. If both shelters have 18 cats, which shelter has more dogs?Use the drop-down menu to show your answer.The shelter has more dogs.(first or second)

Accepted Solution

Answer:C 7/16Shelter B has more dogsStep-by-step explanation:Part ACats : dogs : total9            7        9+7=16dogs/ total7/16Part BCats : dogs : total6            5        6+5=11If they both have 18 catsShelter ACats : dogs : total9            7        16Multiply by 218         14        32Shelter BCats : dogs : total6            5        11Multiply by 318          15       33Shelter A has 14 dogs, Shelter B has 15 dogsShelter B has more dogs